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How To Pick Suitable RAM and How To Install The Most Efficient: When the optimal solution software becomes less efficient, the hardware upgrade would be the best option to improve computer performance.

Among them, a RAM upgrade is the easiest solution and relatively efficient.


RAMWhen considering RAM, gamer’s should pay attention to the most common parameters and also the most important is the capacity. RAM can reach high speeds, but it will not mean anything when the capacity is too small.

For example, a 2GB RAM 1600MHz bus will not be able to give comparable performance with 4GB 1333MHz bus or even 1066MHz.

If you choose the higher RAM capacity, the excess will be expensive due to the application of RAM unused. Therefore, players need to identify their needs.


This level is appropriate only if using Windows XP and run older applications. Windows 7 requires at least 1GB of RAM for 32-bit, and it’s just enough to run basic applications bundled with the operating system.


Minimum level if you want to use Windows 7 64-bit. The fact that new computer today rarely fitted under 2GB of RAM.


This level is considered the standard for today’s PCs. It’s enough to install Windows 7 and run new applications, as well as the game is on the market.

However, keep in mind that the game killer hardware also requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM and appeared to be limping on these systems.


the recommended if gamer’s want to play the game seriously as smooth. Through actual test with 8GB RAM, the game load faster and relatively less jerkiness occurs when switching screens.

16GB RAM Or Higher

This is the RAM should be used for servers or workstations, is a professional systems need to handle large amounts of data. With PC gaming, there are some performance improvements but not significant and did not deserve the extra costs incurred.

Speed ​​and specifications

Currently, memory type DDR3-SDRAM (DDR3 or often called misleadingly called DDRAM3) market value. The product DDR and DDR2 memory has become very rare but still pretty far DDR4 should only take into account the parameters of DDR3 RAM.

Like space, the greater the speed of the RAM performance has been improved. But few gamers know that the crisis in the speed parameters usually only useful for heavy overclocking people, also with normal use, they do not affect too much to the actual performance.

The Possible Speed of DDR3 RAM is as follows:

800-1066MHz: For bandwidth from 6400 up to 8500MB/s, what kind of RAM to run at the speed of life at the time of transfer between DDR2 and DDR3, today they have disappeared from the market.

1333-1600MHz: 10666 Bandwidth-12800MB/s, is the most common speed in the market. Many of the computer manufacturer DDR3-1333 use to cost savings without reducing performance too much.

Many tests have shown that the bandwidth of DDR3-1600 is more than enough for the present application and in the near future.

1866MHz or higher: Bandwidth from 14933MB / s or more. These types of high-speed memory so only makes sense to people overclocking, even with normal use, we still only running at 1333MHz or 1600MHz default.

In addition to speed, other parameters such as latency or are timing parameters for international overclocking. They are usually flattering manufacturers to demonstrate the performance of memory, but if not done in BIOS tweaking the RAM still runs at the default level as the normal type of RAM.

At the same time performance is not much improved, but also can destabilize your computer. Therefore, if the players are not too overclocking enthusiasts can also ignore this number.


Another factor that can not be overlooked when purchasing RAM. Depending on the brand prices for volatile RAM will be different. Overseas, the warranty will vary for each company and allows users to have more choices.

However, warranty policy, depending on the distributor, so we just need to choose the best software in RAM prices have names of the firms. The RAM manufacturers class include Corsair, Gskill, Crucial, Mushkin, Kingston. If financial constraints, firms may choose lesser known as Team Elite or Elixir.

In addition, if players just play the game, then choose the normal line as Corsair Value RAM, Vengeance or Gskill NT/NS. The crisis line RAM Corsair Dominator high prices and often Gskill Ripjaws for overclockers or people who specialize in the computer.

RAM Heat Sink, Is It Necessary?

RAM Heat Sink For Gaming ComputerMany gamers often choose to buy the RAM mounted radiator, with a desire to keep them cool while operating. Meet that demand, many manufacturers have also launched a line of RAM with heat sink holes.

This is not wrong, but sometimes is not necessary. Through testing activities not normally make RAM too hot, and the case is breathable enough to heat them.

Of course, if the players want to show people overclocking or intestines computer then feel free to choose the type of RAM heatsink discretion.

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