Top 5 Apps to Spy on My Wife’s Phone

Are you wondering why your wife stays glued to her phone all the time?

Do you have any gut feeling that something is fishy?

Then stop revolving around the qualms, take a step, and start spying on your wife’s mobile phone. Yes, we’re saying this with full confidence. Now, you must be thinking that we’ve gone nuts as doing this means inviting more troubles and making your life more miserable.

Yes, it would be unless you take the help of the right mobile phone spying app. Technology has made many things possible and doable which were never imagined before. On the same note, the remote phone monitoring app is technology’s answer to your confusion.

Using powerful AI, remote monitoring apps make spying on any phone everyone’s cup of tea. Now, if you have some doubts or qualms about someone dear’s activity, it’s time to clear the doubts and attain mental peace by bringing the right remote monitoring app into your service.

Now, the legit question here is:

Which app is the right app?

Don’t worry. We’ll help you out in this as well. Here are our top 5 picks that can help you keep tabs on your wife’s mobile phone without even knowing her about it. So, let’s get started.

#1 – Spyic

When it comes to spying on any of the iOS/Android phones without letting anyone know about it, nothing can be as useful as Spyic is. Using the 100% discreet modus-operandi, it works in such a hush-hush manner that your wife won’t even find out that she is being spied on.

With 5-star-rated performance, 35+ remote monitoring features, and rooting/jailbreak free operations, Spyic has won over millions of hearts across 190 countries. Spying on your wife’s mobile phone is too easy with Spyic solution.

Its contribution to risk-free phone monitoring has earned commendable praise from various leading platforms like PC world, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, and many more.


How you can spy on your wife’s phone using Spyic without her knowing about it?

Who wants to get caught red-handed while spying on his wife?

No one! This can make things uglier than ever. Hence, you must think of something which can perform the actions very discreetly and stealthily.

Spyic’s phone spy app meets these requirements without fail irrespective of the type/model/OS of the targeted mobile phone. While you’re using Spyic, you needn’t be worried about which phone your wife is using.

If she is flaunting a high-end iPhone which is known for its great security, Spyic offers you 100% deployment and installation fee solution. Spyic comes with a web-based interface and can be accessed using any of the devices/browsers.

You needn’t to gain access to your wife’s mobile phone to track her activities. If you know her iCloud credentials then it’s more than enough. Just set the account using your registered email ID and password, choose the right plan, confirm the iCloud details, and you’re good to go.

Have you ever imagined that spying on your wife’s phone can be as easy as this? We can bet that you didn’t.

If your wife is not a fan of Steve Job’s marvel and using any other phone operating on Android OS then also you can spy on her without letting anyone know about it using the Spyic Android spy app.

The best part is you needn’t take the risk of rooting your wife’s Android phone to know whom she is texting and calling. In fact, rooting is not required when you’re monitoring any of the third-party apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, and so on. Isn’t great? Of course, it is.

It works without device rooting and helps you keep an eye on her from a remote location. To bring this tool into action, you need to gain one-time access to your wife’s phone and install the app on it.

Don’t worry. This won’t take too long as the app it of only 3 MB size and installation is just a 5-minute job.

To offer you extra peace of mind as you spy on your wife’s phone, Spyic offers you the option to choose the hide the app icon. As soon as it chooses this option, the app goes undercover and starts working in stealth mode.

The app works so excellently that your wife won’t be able to mark its presence on her phone. It won’t drain out much of the phone’s battery, doesn’t make it boil, and hamper its performance in any aspect.

Did you ever imagine that spying on your wife’s phone can be such a safe and secure task? That’s why Spyic is our first pick.

What did we like the most about Spyic?

  • It’s a whole goodie bag offering you everything in one package. You can track your wife’s live location, check all history, tap her phone calls, check her social media accounts, keep tabs on her browsing history, even have a look at all the apps installed and used by her. Nothing is left out.
  • Its Keylogger is indeed a tech-marvel. Unlike any other cheap or low-graded keylogger, it won’t make her phone boil and create disturbance in the background.
  • Not only remote monitoring, but remote installation (in the case of Spyic Android spy app) is also possible.
  • Live updates. You’ll be shocked to see how accurate and time-bound will be the logs.

So, your wife is using two phones. Don’t worry. Spyic will help you out in this as it offers different plans suiting all your different needs. It gives you the facility to track more than 3 phones at a time with different plans.

#2 – Cocospy

The next up in the list is Cocospy. Giving tough competition to Spyic at every front, Cocospy is an

Android/iOS phone remote monitoring app that you help you track your wife’s phone activities like:

  • Calls made/received
  • SMS sent/received
  • Live location & browsing history
  • Social media platform tracking
  • Media shared/clicked


What did we like the most about Cocospy?

Its jailbreak and rooting free operations make sure that you’re not caught red-handed while keeping an eye on your wife’s phone.

#3 – Spyier

Spyier is another well-known remote phone monitoring app that allows you to track your wife’s every phone activity without even letting her know about it. All thanks go to the excellent technology that makes it work stealthily and silently without compromising your safety.


Using Spyier, you can track a lot of things that your wife must be doing using her phone. Whether it’s her social media platform usage or what things she is searching on the internet, everything can be tracked remotely.


#4 – GuestSpy


GuestSpy is our second last pick to enjoy hassle-free spying on your wife’s phone. Using this remote phone monitoring app, you can keep tabs on your wife’s call log history, GPS location, calendar updates, text messages, emails, web history, internet history, and many more such phone activities without letting her know about it.

The only thing that bothers with GuestSpy is that there is no live demo facility available. So, you need to cudgel your brain a lot to understand how things happen.

#5 – Spyera

With a plethora of remote monitoring features, Spyera is our last suggestion if you want to have a cross-platform, remote monitoring app to spy on your wife’s phone. Though it can track activities happening on compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac, it demands jailbreak the targeted device which is something we don’t recommend.

The Final Word

No matter what your reasons are, if you’re in need to spy on your wife’s phone you need to play smart and safe. It will ensure that things don’t go out of your hands. Spyic is the best bet for this job as its excellent technology lets you do a lot of things without jailbreak/rooting.

Other than Spyic, Cocospy, and Spyier are also two good choices. So, choose them and enjoy risk-free spying on your wife’s phone.

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