Toyota Introduced Its First Hydrogen Fuel Car

Many automakers in recent years are developing not only the production of electric vehicles, but also the development of cars that use hydrogen as fuel. And recently the Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota within the limits of the Tokyo motor show has presented a concept of rather curious “hydrogen” crossover.

The concept was named Fine-Comfort Ride and, in addition to the hydrogen thrust, has another curious detail: the technology of airless tires. As reported by Bloomberg, this development can reduce the weight of cars and increase their productivity. Among other things, airless tires have their own small engine in each wheel.

Each tyre consists of rubber, aluminum and plastic. All these components together with the engines weigh even less than the traditional designs. Moreover, the Japanese are counting on the development of technologies that will reduce the total mass of cars by 30% by 2025 already. This is especially important for electric cars and other cars using alternative fuel sources, because reducing the mass will enable us to use much less fuel.

It is also worth mentioning that the airless tires were produced at the request of the auto giant. The executor is Sumitomo Rubber. And the tire manufacturer’s plans are even more grandiose than those of Toyota. As the project manager for airless tires Sumitomo Rubber Wako Iwamura,

“Our goal is to create a commercially successful product by 2020. But we need to overcome a lot of difficulties. For example, now when driving, friction is 10-20% greater than that of conventional tires. Such characteristics are unacceptable, and we must find a solution in the very near future. “

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