Twitter Launches App For Windows 10 Mobile

Twitter Launches App For Windows 10 Mobile

Twitter today launched its application for Windows 10 Mobile. The company actually updated its Windows universal application to support not only desktops and tablets, but the phones as well. You can download the new application from the Windows Store.

This isn’t a lazy release. Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile includes many of the newer features the social network has recently implemented: group Direct, Messages,Moments, camera support and tweet. You can even check top tweets, search, check profiles, and Moments without logging in.

A handful of devices have already released with Windows 10 Mobile (the Xiaomi Mi 4,XL 950,Lumia 950 and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL). For existing Windows Phone devices, Microsoft plans to officially deploy Windows 10 Mobile in Q1 2016 – the internal target has changed several times, the last being March 17.
Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile has arrived just a day before the operating system’s broader launch.

Twitter for Windows Phone included a dark theme, the company says  QUI Was popular. it is available on desktops and tablets as well. You can change your theme by going to Settings=> Personalization.

On large screens, the information is in a grid configuration that is easier to use with a mouse. On small screens, it is an experience full-screen works best for touch navigation.

This is an excellent example of the strategy of the universal application of Microsoft. But still, it’s just a major application. While Twitter is a great get for Windows 10 Mobile, it will not tip the scales.

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