Use Of Smartphones To Study

Students Can Use Smartphones To Study: Half of mobile pupils commonly used to study while 18 percent use the Tablet and only 9 percent the eBook.
Use Of Smartphones To StudyAnd primarily used to search and retrieve information, the same utility that give the computer, a fundamental tool to study more than 70 percent of students and that currently lives with such devices.

These are among the findings of the survey made by the Persasiva Computing Group of UVA promoted by the Telefonica Mobility and Education of the University of Valladolid for the conditions and the way in which college students use mobile devices in their academic activities.

However, despite the wide use of the devices by students, 17 percent of respondents say they do not have permission to use in class, while only 2 percent use encouraged by their teachers, as reported Academic Institution sources Valladolid.

The survey was a tool of departure for the Project Hestelo with which the group is developing a mobile application that will be useful to help students in their study sessions.

For now, is in beta testing but the results of this first survey were used to initiate a second phase which will delve into the affairs of both of these devices query how to know if their use will increase.

The first survey was conducted in a telematics May 30 to July 31, 2012 and spread through posters by the School of Engineering at the UVA and globally by social media.

The study, only one of its kind developed in a Spanish university can help develop a methodology of using mobile devices in class and instead of considering it a classroom disruptive instrument, useful for learning.

As explained by Jesus M. Vegas who is a professor at the School of Computing and member of Percomp “there was a time when computers were introduced in the classroom, now may be the time the use of other technologies such as mobile phones or tablets.”

The findings of this survey not only provide data on the use of these devices but also study habits, but for now are limited to a particular school, the School of Computing since most of the respondents come from this center.

The use of mobile phones as work tools is increasing and the UVA group is already working on the design of applications targeting schools or cultural centres.

In fact, they have already developed a prototype of museum visits through mobile.

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