Warcraft 3 Cheats – Complete List of Cheat Codes

In this article, you will find Warcraft 3 cheats. Find complete list of Warcraft 3 cheat codes and apply in your game.

Warcraft 3 Cheats Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne

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Below you can find the complete list of Warcraft 3 cheats. In addition, the codes work fine in simple matches of the “scramble” mode, but only in the solo game (with bots). In general: Get drunk on blood! 🙂

To activate the desired cheat, just open the chat by pressing the “Enter” key and enter the correct sequence of characters there. Register is not important.


Warcraft 3 Cheats

  • WhosYourDaddy – your heroes and allied forces become immortal and can stack enemy units with one hit.
  • GreedIsGood 0000 – Gives the player the required amount of gold and wood. Instead of zeros, you can substitute any numerical value. A similar effect on the KeyserSoze and LeafitToMe cheats. The first allows you to conjure yourself only gold, and the second – only a tree.
  • ISeeDeadPeople – clears the map of the so-called “fog of war”, allowing you to see everything that happens on the map, including the movement of enemy troops.


Game Acceleration

  • WarpTen – Units and buildings will be built almost instantly
  • TheDudeAbides – Magical and physical skills of heroes and units recharge much faster
  • ThereIsNoSpoon – Mana is not spent on the use of abilities
  • PointBreak – Disables game production limits set by the game
  • IocainePowder – Increased vulnerability of enemies. Everybody dies in one hit
  • WhoIsJohnGalt – Improvements are applied instantly.
  • SharpAndShiny – Quickly improves all upgrades to the maximum level.


Warcraft 3 Cheats for Single Player

Motherland [campaign] [level number] – cheat allows you to immediately move to the desired mission in the storyline campaign. Instead of the “campaign” field, one of four names is written (orc, human, nightelf or undead), after which the level number is indicated. In the usual third Warcraft, there are 12 missions for people, 8 for elves, and ten for the other two races. In addition to The Frozen Throne, the orcs received only three, but very long acts, people and elves on 10 and 11 missions, and the undead allotted as many as 13.

  • SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb – entering this cheat automatically leads the player to a defeat on the map.
  • AllYourBaseBelongToUs – instant victory under any conditions.
  • StrenghtAndHonor – turn off victory conditions and turn off defeat conditions.
  • ItVexesMe – turn off victory conditions and turn off defeat conditions.
  • Synergy – the development tree is unlocked in the story campaign.


Time management

  • RiseAndShine – the change of day and night stops, the map is always morning.
  • LightOut – action on the map occurs after sunset.
  • DayLightSavings 00:00 – manual setting of hours. Instead of zeros, enter the exact time, for example 13:30.


Warcraft 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets

In the second level of the campaign for the undead, if slaves cut down the forest in the left central part of the map, you can see a waterfall and a picture referring to one of the races of the World of Warcraft – the pandaren. At the same level, but already in the upper left corner there is a secret camp with Saskvachs (we take workers or catapults and cut down the forest).

In the campaign for the night elves, also on the second mission, a hydralisk is hidden – a guest from another popular Blizzard franchise – Starcraft. To get to it, you need to use the directed ballist shots to cut down the thickets at the top of the map.

Passing the entire storyline campaign of the third Warcraft on high difficulty allows you to watch a 20sec video of the Starcraft 2 trailer on the Warcraft III engine.

If you be careful enough, in some missions you can notice different animals – birds, lambs, other animals. For a long time, clicking on the animal with the left mouse button, you make it explode from the inside, scattering into a bunch of small pieces and provoking a small earthquake. By the way, in some missions, killing sheep with troops (through a forced attack) will allow heroes to acquire secret artifacts that improve their characteristics.

In the starting chapter of the campaign of the undead, when Arthas, who crossed the side of darkness, passes through the city, on one of the squares two peasants give out cuffs to each other. One is called Tyler, the other is Robert, which is a kind of reference to all the famous Fight Club.


Warcraft 3 Cheats for Choosing a Game Mode

Prescribed by the player in the blue slot for the first fifteen seconds from the start. These modes cannot be changed during the game or their effects can be combined with other similar mods.

  • Pick – a standard mod that allows players to select heroes only from the taverns of their faction (light or darkness).
  • AllPick – players gain access to the pool of heroes of both factions.
  • AllRandom (-ar) – each player is given a random hero.
  • CM – captain mode. Two players from opposing teams take turns choosing heroes for the rest, while also blocking characters that they are not comfortable playing against.
  • DM – ​​classic dezmatch. Dother controls the character until he is killed for the first time. Upon revival, the loser is given a new hero. As soon as the team spends more than half the pool of heroes, it will fail. The mod has some limitations, for example, Roshan after death no longer drops Aegis.
  • LM – similar to CM mod. There is an alternate choice of heroes, only now the whole team is taking part in it. Buildings and towers get the opportunity to regenerate. The mod only works when playing with ten men (5×5).
  • MR is a random choice of mod.
  • TR – everyone gets at random a chosen hero from the tavern of their faction.
  • RD – everyone selects heroes from a limited pool with 22 characters. The selection is available for a limited time (20 seconds). All those who did not have time to decide receive a random character from the remaining ones.
  • SD – each player chooses among three random heroes selected by class – strongman, dodger and mage.
  • SH – the host of the game (blue slot player) selects a hero for each participant. There is no Geomancer in the pool.
  • VR – the preferred game mode is selected based on user voting. Everyone should write the “-option?” Command in the chat, where instead of a question mark they should indicate a number from 1 to 3 assigned to one or another mode.
  • XL is another light version of the captain’s mod. The commanders ban three heroes each, after which their teams take turns choosing characters. It is activated only with a 5×5 confrontation.


Game Mode Modifications

This kind of code is similar to the previous one. Cheats should also be entered within the first 15 seconds and only a blue player can do this. The difference is that now the effect of mods can be summed up (except for special cases when they conflict with each other).

  • AA -AI -AS – three modes that limit the choice of heroes to their main characteristic (dexterity / intelligence / strength).
  • aaar -aiar -asar – work on the same principle as the previous ones, only in this case a random hero with the specified characteristic is selected.
  • MO – the pool consists only of melee characters.
  • RO – a pool of heroes with a distant type of attack.
  • ID – heroes after death will be fined not by the loss of gold, but by the loss of a random item from the backpack.
  • RV – Allies and opponents choose heroes for each other.
  • FR – Heroes for revival will need significantly less time.
  • MM is a mirror match. Every minute, the enemy-ally pairs exchange characters, and after some time they turn back.
  • lives? – the team allows you to set the number of lives (relevant only for Deathmatch mod). Instead of a question, any number is put down.
  • ND – a team for Deathmatch, which removes the waiting time for rebirth.
  • DU – identical heroes are allowed. The pool includes all the characters from the taverns of both factions, with the exception of Meepo (Geomancer).
  • SC – the periodic appearance of supercreeps on the lines (siege golem, scary fish, hydra).
  • SM is a simplified mod for quick play. Characters receive a double increase in gold, plus 10% to experience, buildings are more vulnerable.
  • SP – players before the start are randomly assigned to teams.
  • NP – game without amplifications / runes.
  • addtime – allows you to extend the phase of the peak / ban of heroes for 60 seconds.
  • airepick? – allows you to change the hero chosen by the enemy (? – slot number in the order of priority). The team is available only when playing with bots.
  • MI – a fun mod that reduces character models.
  • miakamode – any message written to chat kills the player who sent it.
  • ne -ng – two mods designed to correct imbalance when playing with bots. The first takes away the advantages of computer opponents by experience, the second – in gold.
  • nb -nt -nm -om – mods to disable extra lines. No bottom forbids creeps to go along the bottom line and makes buildings on it invulnerable, No top and No mid do the same for the top and the cent. Only mid allows you to play the game only on the center line. Usually all competitive 1×1 matches are in -om mode.
  • nr – blocks the character re-selection command.
  • ns – blocks a character exchange team between players.
  • pa -pe – in the first case, the captain himself chooses heroes for all allies, in the second – for all opponents.
  • px – instantly ends the process of selecting heroes with the prescribed -pa or -pe commands.
  • so – by registering this command, the hoster will allow players to change slots at any time using “switch?”. Instead of a question, the number of the desired slot is substituted.
  • sp – players are randomly assigned to teams.
  • wtf – entertaining mod. Heroes have an instant rollback of abilities with zero mana cost to use them.


Special Teams for Players At The Peak Stage

Random – random hero selection. If you add to the team after a space agi, int or str, the choice will be made only among the characters with the main characteristic dexterity / intelligence / strength.

  • Repick – option to re-select a hero. In most mods, it is available only once and is registered during the first 15 seconds after selection. Imposes a fine of 150 coins on a player. On -ar and -tr mods, the fine has been increased to 400 coins.
  • Option? – Voting for one of three game modes. The question is replaced by a number.
  • swap [ally slot number] – exchange characters with an ally. It works until the creeps.
  • swapall – similar to the previous team, only now you can change with opponents.
  • swaphero – Displays a list of people who want to exchange characters.
  • switch [player slot number] – exchange between teams, which must be confirmed to all other players by writing -ok. The no-ban command from any member veto the exchange.


In-match Cheat Codes

  • ah – an antihack that allows you to detect dishonest players by assigning them an invisible model.
  • kickafk [slot number] – players can drive out a player who has been idle for a long time by registering this team and indicating his slot number.
  • roll [number] – random number generator from zero to the specified limit. It is something like a coin or dice, designed to resolve disputes between players.
  • unlock – unlocks the inventory of an ally who has left the game, allowing the rest to take his money and things. The team should be prescribed by most of the friendly players.
  • unstuck – minute teleport to the base. Serves as an emergency tool to solve the problem of a hero getting stuck in objects on the map.


Special teams for some heroes

  • beamcounter – counts moon flares that appear after using the ultimate ability of the Luna hero.
  • refresh – fixes a bug with incorrect display of the passive Mortred ability (Phantom Assassin).
  • recreate – fixes a bug with loss of control when using the form with Terrorblade, Lycanthropus and Dragon Knight. It takes 200 seconds to execute, canceled.
  • disablehelp – cancels help from allies. It is used, for example, if a team has a feeder that intentionally uses the hero’s abilities to the detriment of its team. The -enablehelp command has the opposite effect.
  • fs – temporarily displays the power accumulated by the passive Pudge on the screen.
  • ha – allows you to see how many pujas you got per game.
  • gg – statistics of the gold earned by the Alchemist with the help of his passive ability.
  • invokelist – list of combo spells for Invoker hero.
  • mines – counts mines placed by Goblin Techies.
  • afk – shows players who have been idle for a long time (10 minutes).
  • apm -cs – the first team informs the player about the number of actions per minute, the second – counts the killings of friendly / enemy creeps.
  • gameinfo – display a list of active mods and their descriptions.
  • ms – information about the current speed of the character.
  • as is the numerical value of the character’s attack speed.
  • st – some types of statistics for certain heroes. For example, intelligence stolen by Silencer or hit by arrows of Mirana.


Commands to configure the interface

  • csboardon – a table with killed / finished creeps will appear in the interface. -csboardoff cancels the previous command.
  • hidemsg -unhidemsg – enable or disable messages about the death of heroes.
  • clear – removes all messages from the screen.
  • courier – Displays a courier image. Depending on whether it is dark or light, you can understand whether it is involved by other players or is it free.
  • hhn – messages are signed only by player nicknames, character names are deleted.
  • ii – a plate with icons of artifacts of allied and enemy heroes.
  • ma – a tablet with players, their chosen characters and their levels. Doters who left the game are also marked in it.
  • tips – general game tips for beginners.


Manipulations with graphics and music

  • music [variable] – launches the player selected soundtrack. It can be either melodies of specific races, for example undead1 or orc3, or random (random) composition. The on and off variables turn music on and off without having to creep into the settings.
  • mute – sound alerts when heroes die are turned off.
  • water [number from 1 to 999] – color change of water. Only displayed on the screen of the player who registered the team.
  • weather [variable] – control weather effects. List of available commands: snow, rain, moonlight, random, off. You can do this with the concretized commands -rain on / off, -snow on / off, -moonlight on / off.


Cheats for test mode

The list of commands below is for a single player game and allows you to quickly test updates or new tactics. In multi-user mode is not available.

  • test – the mod activates cheats in multiplayer.
  • gold [numerical value] – adds the nth amount of gold to the hero.
  • lvlup [number from 1 to 25] – instantly pumps the hero to the specified level.
  • spawncreeps – Runs creeps along lines.
  • neutrals – revives neutral camps in their camps.
  • spawnon -spawnoff – commands that enable / disable creep spawn.
  • dummy – the appearance of a centaur in the center of the map.
  • kill – killall – killsent – killscourge – kill teams. The first kills your hero, the second – all allied and enemy units, the third and fourth – kill all units of light / darkness.
  • powerup – power boost.
  • powerups – the appearance of rune amplifiers in designated areas.
  • noherolimit – the restriction on one hero is removed. Now you can hire several characters at once.
  • killwards – instant destruction of wards throughout the map.
  • trees – restore all felled trees.

In addition to all of the above, you can try using some cheats from the classic Warcraft III modes in Dota – they will also work.

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