Harrow Warframe – Stats, Guide, Weapons and Skills

This page shows complete info about Warframe Harrow. Find Harrow’s skills, abilities, weapons and facts in this article. Also learn how to get started with Harrow?

Warframe: An Action Role Playing Game developed by Digital Extremes.

Harrow Warframe - Stats, Guide, Weapons and SkillsHarrow

Always ready for sacrifice. This religious Warframe uses Voids to strengthen alliance defenses and improve firepower. The fearless and devout dark priest Harrow was given three virtues: redemption through sacrifice, redemption through revenge, and ascension through struggle. The only thing waiting for heresy is death. Bound to the fallen, silence the heretics, and send their tortured souls to the embrace of the void.

Released Date: June 28, 2017


Armor 150
Health 100 (300 at level 30)
Shield 150
Energy 100 (150 at level 30)
Sprint Speed: 1.00


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Skills & Abilities

Following are the skills and abilities of Harrow:


Fires a wave of energy that ties the opponent to where it is standing. Harrow’s shield is reinforced for each enemy bound.

  • Ability range affects the range and width of energy waves.
  • Ability power affects shield recovery.
  • Ability duration affects enemy restraint time.

Releases energy waves that crawl the ground in the direction you were aiming when using the ability. Enemies that hit are stuck in chains for the duration of the effect and become immobile.

  • Recovers shields based on the number of captive enemies and converts the surplus into overshields.
  • Reapplying to a captive enemy does not restore the shield. If you reapply to an opponent whose binding time has been released, you can recover.
  • Can be activated in the air. When activated at a height of 8m or more, it is activated after settling on the ground like a close slam. Either way, the energy waves will land on the ground.
  • Does not interfere with reloading or firing weapons.
  • It can be used for mini bosses such as Stalker, but the effect time is cut by 50%. It is difficult to keep them forever because the cut rate rises to over 90% every time you start over.
  • Although effective for synthesis targets , it is not suitable for scanning all parts because the effect time is greatly reduced.
  • It can be reused only for the moment when the enemy who restrained turns up and shows a little “movement”. However, it is rather dangerous because it starts to move normally while acting strangely . Be careful during high-level melee combat.
  • It does not hit enemies in the air.


Penance Shield, increases reload speed and firing speed of Harrow and allies within range, and converts damage dealt to health.

  • The ability affects health absorption rate, firing speed, melee attack speed, and reload speed.
  • Ability duration affects base duration and additional duration.
  • He consumes his shield by whipping his back violently and adds a buff to the base time based on the amount consumed.
  • All shields are consumed, including overshields . If you use Condemn and accumulate overshields, the effect time will increase dramatically.
  • Increases the rate of fire, reload, and melee attack of weapons while in effect.
  • This buff effect is only valid for HARROW itself.
  • During the effect, 5% of the damage done by HARROW to the enemy is returned to the health of allies within the shared affinity range (50m).
  • The only effect on allies is this health recovery.
  • Ability effect range does not affect this area. If you want to extend the range, you need to increase the affinity range with VAZARIN ‘s Mending Unity or Rin RAHD gear.
  • If activated again during the effect time, the effect time can be added.
  • However, the maximum effect time is up to 120 seconds.


Activates the enhancement effect to make Harrow’s energy Thurible. It gives energy to allies within range by defeating enemies after completion. Increased energy given by performing headshots.

  • The ability’s radius affects the energy recovery’s radius.
  • Ability power affects energy conversion rate.
  • Ability duration affects the duration of energy recovery.
  • When the ability is activated, the Thurible that you have in your hand starts to rotate the incense burner and saves energy.
  • In this state, you can move and bullet jump, but you will not be able to attack and collect items , and will continue to consume energy. The more energy you save, the higher the energy recovery effect that will be activated later.
  • Wearing Natural Talent consumes more energy per second and increases the charge per second accordingly.
  • No energy can be recovered during charging.
  • Press the ability key again, or when the energy reaches 0, the enhancement effect will be activated. When HARROW kills an enemy, he recovers the energy of allies within range including himself.
  • Killing enemies with a headshot increases your energy recovery by a factor of four. This multiplier does not vary with power.
  • Allies in certain states, such as when a toggle ability is active, will not recover energy.
  • It can be reused during its duration, in which case the Thurible’s effect will immediately disappear.
  • This buff only affects players within range when HARROW defeats the enemy. Note that there is no point unless HARROW defeats the enemy.


Set up a squad to absorb the enemy’s damage and increase the critical rate of allies in the squad. Headshot critical rate is further enhanced.

  • The ability’s power affects the base value of the critical rate increase and the amount of critical rate increase per 100 damage.
  • It does not affect the upper limit of the critical rate bonus or the headshot multiplier.
  • Ability duration affects invincibility and critical rise time.
  • Immediately after the activation , make allies within the affinity sharing area including you and their companions invincible for a few seconds.
  • Damage received during the invincibility state is absorbed and accumulated, and when the invincibility state is released, a buff “Covenant Retaliation” that increases the critical rate for a certain time according to the total amount of accumulated damage is given.
  • Suicide damage does not accumulate.
  • The base value of “Covenant Retaliation” is 5%, and it increases by 1.5% for every 100 damage accumulated.
  • These increase or decrease under the influence of the ability power.
  • “Covenant Retaliation” is capped at 50% (200% on headshots) regardless of the power of the ability.
  • Damage required to reach the upper limit = 100 × 50 ÷ (1.5 × ability power [%]) If the ability power is 100%, it will reach the upper limit by receiving 3333 damage.
  • The increase in critical rate due to “Covenant Retaliation” is added after applying the weapon critical rate mod.
  • Therefore , even for weapons such as NUKOR , orange crit is guaranteed during HS with maximum buff.
  • In the case of melee weapons, it is added at the same timing as Maiming Strike, etc., and from there it is further multiplied by Blood Rush, so it is very powerful.
  • It can be used as an invincible ability that can provide absolute defense in a short time, or as an ability to increase the firepower of allies.
  • Although you become invincible from the moment you press the ability key, it takes about 3 seconds to finish the motion, during which you can not take any other actions including moving.
  • If you want to make the most of your invincible time, you can use Natural Talent to speed up the activation.
  • Like Penance, it is necessary to increase the affinity sharing range in order to increase the effect range.
  • By using Lin RAHD (flare) purchased from Cetus NAKAK, the range of effect can be extended to several hundred meters.
  • Can not be reused during its duration.
  • There is no defense against excavators and defense consoles.


Harrow Production Requirements?

Harrow ‘s general map is obtained after completing the series of Harrow’s shackles . His blueprint was dropped by fallen enemies in the fissure of the void . His system blueprint was dropped by rounds B and C of the defection mission. His brain neuron blueprint was dropped by the C round reward of the spy mission.

Following are production requirements:

#Quest Reward

Blueprint Number Production Cost Production Time Immediate completion
Chassis 1 25,000Cr 72 hours 50 Pt
Neurotic 1 25,000Cr 72 hours 50 Pt
System 1 25,000Cr 72 hours 50 Pt


#Mission Reward

Blueprint Material
Chassis Alloy plate (20,000), Salvage (25,000), Oxium (800), Oroquincell (5)
Neurotic Rubydo (1,500), Polymer bundle (4,000), Plastid (2,000), Neural sensor (5)
Sytstem Circuit board (2,500), cryotic (1,000), ferrite (25,000), control module (15)

Warframe Harrow Facts & Features

  • Harrow can reach 3840 shields by assembling recharged and active Prime . This value can for example by means other Buff Shield Charge and the number of columns Group Buff further improved.
  • Harrow means “harm or torture” in English.
  • The term “Harrow” originally referred to a farming tool, a rake, which acts to loosen the ground and remove weeds.
  • “Harrowing” also refers to a process of purifying one’s mind by enduring suffering (also known as “ascetic practice”).
  • Similar to Excalibur ‘s magnificent sword and Ivara ‘s luna hunting bow , Harrow also has an object that can represent its power, which is his incinerator. This incinerator will appear when he casts his skills.
  • Harrow’s incinerator also appeared in his noble and swift standing idle movements. However, when other Warframes are equipped with the above positions, the incinerator will not appear.
  • Harrow is the first Warframe that cannot directly damage enemies.

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