Octavia Warframe – Stats, Guide, Weapons and Skills

This page shows complete info about Warframe Octavia. Find Octavia’s skills, abilities, weapons and facts in this article. Also learn how to get started with Octavia?

Warframe: An Action Role Playing Game developed by Digital Extremes.

Warframe Octavia


Compose her song and then conduct the mighty Mandachord, turning bass, beat and melody into an anthem of devastation.

Released Date: March 24th, 2017



Armor 125
Health 100
Shield 75
Energy 150
Sprint Speed: 1.00


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Octavia Skills & Abilities

Following are the skills and abilities of Octavia:

Passive Skills

Octavia and nearby teammates will be briefly recharged when the skills are activated.

Mallet (Percussion)

Beat the enemy rhythmically and attract their firepower. The damage inflicted on Mallet increases its lethality.

Resonator (Bass)

Launch a rolling ball and use the rendering power of music to make the enemy follow it. Combine with Mallet to create a hovering sonic destruction ball.

Metronome (Melody)

Gives various gain effects to people who make corresponding actions with Octavia’s music. The jump in time provides a brisk allegro speed bonus. Squatting to keep up with the beat gives a hidden gain to Nocturne. Rhythmic shots give you multiple shot bonuses for opera and opera. Coordinated melee attacks give a bonus bonus to strong sonatas.


Obtains energy from the decibel level of the environment, used to increase the damage increase of Octavia and allies. Also doubles the damage and range of nearby Mallets.


How to Get Octavia?

Following are the ways to get started with Octavia:

1. Battlegear Blueprint

Accomplished by completing a series of missions Octavia.

Chance: 100%

2. Body Blueprint

Complete the lunar music secret room . It should be noted that this part will fall from a container on the top of the high platform in the center of the room, not the rare Orokin container that appears after the puzzle is successfully solved.

Chance: 100%

3. System Blueprint

Looking for the Moon’s annihilation Orokin storage compartment task. Since the Octavia system blueprint is produced by the A round, even if only one Orokin storage compartment is found in one mission, there is a chance to obtain the blueprint.

Chance: 22.56%

4. Head Neuron Blueprint

Complete round C of the survival mission of the abandoned Orokin ship.

Chance: 22.56%


Warframe Octavia Manda Chord

Conduct your own symphony: Tenno. The power of Octavia skills comes from the Manda Chord, a powerful instrument that mixes melody, bass, and percussion into a destructive harmony. Select the Appearance tab in the Armory, then click the Manda Chord button to compose a song used in battle.


How to Use Manda Chords:?

In this tutorial, we will use the ADAU instrument pack to start arranging, as this is the default Manda chord instrument. There are also 4 other instruments that can be purchased in the store by using Platinum:

  • ALPHA Instrument Bag
  • BETA Instrument Bag
  • DRUK musical instrument bag
  • GAMMA Musical Bag

Each instrument pack is at the same pitch, so if you dare to try, you can try mixing and pairing instruments to create a unique composition.

The Manda chord consists of 4 bars, representing 1, 2, 3 and 4 (can be seen in the background of each bar). Each measure is a whole note. Each measure is divided into quarter notes, divided by vertical lines. The tempo is set to 120 beats per minute, meaning that each measure is 2 seconds long and each slot is 16 cents.

  1. The first thing you need to do is click the “Clear Notes” button. This will give you an empty state to start arranging! You may find it easier to create a rhythm in the first measure of the loop. To do this, select section 1 under the cycle header in the menu. The fastest way to start your composition is to prioritize percussion tracks! Using the Adau instrument pack, place the external drum sound on each quarter note, the second drum sound in the first note of the first measure, and the third drum sound in the third groove of each measure.
  2. The bass section of the Adau instrument package is a mix of real stringed, brass and woodwind instruments. Try putting notes in the first rhythm on the second and third quarter syllables, the furthest groove in the outer ring. Just for fun, try clicking on some of the other empty slots.
    You will notice that the pitch increases towards the outer ring of the Manda chord. Each instrument will work this way, using different instruments to apply your notes on the same pitch. Other instruments also have different unique basses, so feel free to try them out.
  3. The melody part of the Adau Instrument Pack was recorded from a real choir specifically for Update 20: Anthems to Octavia. You can try to put the melody syllable in the sixteenth slot of the first bar and the fourth bar.
  4. You can put multiple syllables on the same beat to form a chord. You can use the “copy note” button to easily copy the map you created. Use the central ring to scroll to the other three measures and make some adjustments so you can create a constantly changing melody.
  5. Start mixing! Now you can add different instrument packages to your work. You can do this by clicking on any instrument pack at the top right of the interface. The effect of each instrument can be previewed, choose your favorite one.
  6. Want to create a dance song? Load the Beta instrument pack and add kick drums on each quarter note, snare drums on the second and fourth quarter notes, and cymbals on every eighth note.
  7. Then adjust the bass notes so that they play once on each quarter syllable, and add a little melody at the end.


Warframe Octavia Facts & Features

  • Octavia’s motion capture data was provided by [DE] Danielle.
  • Octavia’s skill sound effects were provided by The Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts.
  • Octavia’s name was first announced in PAX East 2017.
  • Octavia’s Manda chord plays notes in the D Minor Pentatonic scale. “Pent” ​​means five, which corresponds to the five available notes that can be selected from Melody and Bass instruments when composing a song.
  • The names of Octavia’s Corpus-themed instruments all have Greek origins.
  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon are the first five letters of the Greek alphabet.
  • Horus may be from Horos , a Greek dance.
  • Octavia’s name comes from the word octave , which means octave, but in fact her range is only five notes. Her name may also be derived from the Latin name “Octavia”, which means “eighth born”, but this speculation has not been confirmed.
  • Some players mistakenly think that Octavia’s output ability and effect are directly proportional to the number of notes in the Manda chord. In fact, this is incorrect. The number of notes only affects the frequency of sonic attacks, and does not affect the total damage.
  • The latest update added to the Warframe project, including the ability to play a musical instrument similar to futuristic versions of guitars. The instruments are called Shawzin, they were present in the Warframe before, but it was impossible to play them.
  • Now the heroes are allowed to buy Shawzin, pick up the instrument and start playing in almost any convenient place. If you do it well, then other players will appreciate your musical talents.
  • Some users have already learned to play famous songs like Despacito and Through The Fire And Flames Tab.
  • Users can record played or invented melodies in the format of special codes, which are then allowed to share with other people. Other users can play tunes with an interface in the spirit of the famous Guitar Hero series.


Octavia’s Weapons

Oboe: A fast-paced rifle. Choose between fully automatic and semi-automatic to damage the enemy. Its main firepower mode will improve accuracy and rate of fire after continuous shooting. Its secondary fire mode will be loaded with 10 ammunition and fired in one breath. The oboe can be purchased in platinum in the store or developed through the Tenno laboratory in the Dojo.

Tambourine: This revolver hammer-type pistol, like the oboe, has 2 firepower modes. Its semi-automatic main mode will be loved by precision shooters. Its secondary firepower mode only needs to pull the trigger once to fire (several times) heavy blows and empty the entire magazine, but you need to hold it firmly, these designs all have some recoil. The tambourine can be purchased in the store using platinum or made from blueprints in the store.

Custom Weapon Selection

  1. Mucus Cloak: A bone-made crown crowned with twisted, fleshy Infested tentacles.
  2. Macaque Wukong Replaceable Helmet: A Wukong’s Replaceable Helmet
  3. Chromatic Movement Octavia Replaceable Helmet: An Octavia Replaceable Helmet
  4. MYRDIN Kuva Armor: Use this charming decorative armor to make Kuva’s silky appearance more prominent.

Expand Weapon Attributes

Sometimes your weapon has more features besides the main fire mode! In order to highlight the secondary attack mode of some weapons, your armory has been upgraded to display data of the secondary attack mode to help you realize the true potential of the weapon.

Any weapon with a secondary firing mode will display data in the Armory! These include:

#Main Weapons
  • Flame Javelin
  • Buzzer
  • Iron Crystal Railgun
  • Harperk
  • Doe
  • Hetero Quantum Gun
  • Cheetah
  • Panta
  • Quantum Cutter
  • Stradivar
  • Oboe
  • Tsar
#Secondary Weapons
  • Azimuth
  • Yueyin Prime
  • Star Killer
  • Tambourine
  • Eagle Claw


Warframe Octavia News – Update Patch 20.0:

The patch will send players to go through a series of music quests, at the end of which you can get the Octavia warframe. With it, you will get access to an easy-to-use musical instrument with which you can record your own compositions and then use them in battle. Different music will give different effects. You can even combine melodies with your allies. And the ability to take photos, apply filters and edit has been added.

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