WhatsApp New Update: WhatsApp and Youtube are Friends Now

If there is something that Facebook knows how to do, it is “learning” from the pioneers. He did it with Snapchat on Instagram, and he has done it repeatedly with Telegram and other apps on WhatsApp. This time they have enabled two new features inspired by their rivals: the playback of YouTube videos and the recording of voice notes without holding a button .

WhatsApp copies back to Telegram and can now play YouTube videos directly in the app

For a new update, it will be possible to play YouTube videos directly on WhatsApp , using the picture-in-picture mode , as well as being able to do it on Telegram for a long time. The function is supposed to be included in the latest version of the app, but for some reason they have not activated it yet.

That means that you can watch a video that you share on WhatsApp without having to leave the conversation, being able to respond to messages in that window as you see it, something that can be very useful (especially in group chats).

The latest update also enabled the ability to send voice or audio messages without having to press and hold the microphone button. Just press it once and swipe up to keep the app recording until you tell it to stop with another tap. You can update WhatsApp right now to get the function.

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